Parking Circuit Zandvoort

Parking at Circuit Zandvoort for the Formula 1 race

Parking at the Circuit of Zandvoort is possible in several ways. If you decide to come to the circuit by car, you can use one of the parking lots that are connected to the circuit. It is recommended to follow the B / C parking signs. However, parking is not free. In addition, the parking sites offer limited space and a full = full principle applies.

No parking spots left?

If the parking areas of Circuit Zandvoort are full, you can park your car in one of the municipal parking lots. Check the website of the relevant event or Formula 1 before departure. In many cases, advice and information about parking is released for your convenience.

Parking Circuit Zandvoort

Parking Circuit ZandvoortDue to the expected crowds, a special travel advice will be prepared for the Formula 1 event. Therefore, check the website of the Dutch GP or the Zandvoort F1 circuit itself. Three parking areas will be available where you can park. A shuttle bus service goes back and forth to the Zandvoort circuit. The total capacity will be 14,000 parking spaces, divided between Velsen (6000), Spaarnwoude (4000) and Floriade (4000).

There is a chance that all parking spaces are already full when you arrive at the circuit. It is recommended to take this into account before departure. Search at home for alternative parking spaces near the circuit. It is possible to park at the Boulevard, the parking rates for a day ticket are less than € 15.00.

Tip: park at one of the NS train stations on the route to Zandvoort and travel the last part by train or bus. This way you avoid a lot of parking stress.

Free parking Zandvoort circuit

On the north side of Zandvoort is a small parking lot called Duintjesveld where you can park for free. After a walk of about 20 minutes you arrive at the circuit.

Avoid a parking ticket and look carefully at the signs where you can and cannot park in Zandvoort.

Handicapped parking card

At all parking areas in Zandvoort you can park for free, for the first two hours, with a disabled parking card. In the center of Zandvoort, that is also the maximum parking time and you will have to move your car after two hours. It is therefore not advisable to park your car here. There is also a parking limit of two hours outside the center, although you can leave your car there if you buy a ticket from the parking meter from that moment.

To the Zandvoort Circuit without a car?

Many visitors from both The Netherlands and abroad come to the many events on the Zandvoort F1 circuit. Therefore, a lot of crowds are expected during the Formula 1 weekend and it is recommended to travel by public transport, or at least the last part.

Many racing events at Circuit Zandvoort are popular with racing fans at home and abroad. Naturally, the organization wants these racing fans to be in traffic as little as possible. That is why, in addition to traveling by car, there is a particularly attractive alternative: public transport. Commercial shuttles and other transport services will undoubtedly be active to bring all fans to the circuit safely and quickly.