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Frequently Asked Questions Zandvoort F1

Frequently Asked Questions and answers regarding the Zandvoort F1 race at the Formula 1 circuit in Zandvoort. Tickets, parking, program and accommodations.

When is the Formula 1 race at Zandvoort?

Sunday May 3rd 2020.

What does a ticket for the Zandvoort F1 Race cost?

The ticket prices for the Formula 1 race on Zandvoort were recently announced. Tickets start at € 35,00, up to € 585,00 for a main stage weekend ticket.

How much is a weekend ticket?

Weekend tickets start at € 185,00. This is in line with the market and is similar to other races in Western Europe, such as England and Belgium. Check out a complete overview of the different tickets available.

Where can I buy tickets?

The only official website for tickets is If tickets are still available after the initial sale, you can also purchase them from the various F1 ticket providers.

How much is parking?

Parking at the Zandvoort circuit is available. However, there is a limited number of places available and it concerns paid parking.

What time does the race start?

The F1 race on Sunday will start at 3:10 PM. Of course there is an extensive support program. The earlier you come, the more racing you can enjoy.

How do I reach the Zandvoort F1 circuit?

This is possible by car, train or bus. In addition, a number of alternatives are possible. Read more about the reachability of the circuit.

What’s the address of the circuit?

Set your GPS to Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort and you will arrive at the circuit without any problems.

Are there extra trains during the F1 Weekend?

Extra trains are will be available. At the moment, Prorail has already started expanding the capacity so that more trains can run per hour. There will be six trains per hour available instead of four.

This page will be available in English soon.

This page will be available in English soon.

This page will be available in English soon.

This page will be available in English soon.

Reachability: transport and route to Circuit Zandvoort

The reachability of the Zandvoort F1 circuit is generally excellent. With the return of Formula 1 to the Zandvoort Circuit in 2021, it is good to already look at a smart way of transport and the most efficient route. Fervent racing enthusiasts know that Zandvoort Circuit is uniquely situated in the middle of the dunes and near the beach. Certainly in the summer season, this location sometimes causes traffic. By choosing the right transport method and the best route, this does not have to cause any problems. We have listed a number of important points for attention for you. That way you know exactly how to get to Circuit Zandvoort and with which transport method. We also tell you what to take into account if you want to park at Circuit Zandvoort.

Reachability Circuit Zandvoort by car or public transport

If you want to visit the Formula 1 race in Zandvoort from 2021, you can do so with various forms of transport. You can choose the car, but public transport is also a suitable option. The accessibility of Circuit Zandvoort is excellent by car, the bus or train. If you prefer to travel by car, you should also consider the parking. To ensure that you are well prepared for your trip, we have listed the most efficient routes and methods of transport for you.

To the Formula 1 circuit by car

The main entrance of the circuit is located at Burgemeester van Alphenstraat. It is useful to enter this address in the navigation system of your car or smartphone. If you prefer to drive on the traffic signs, you drive via the A9 towards Zandvoort. Then take the N205 exit towards Haarlem-Zuid, after which you follow the N201 towards Zandvoort.

Parking circuit Zandvoort

Parking at the Zandvoort F1 circuit is possible at a number of parking spaces close to the circuit, this concerns paid parking. The total capacity will be 14,000 parking spaces, divided between Velsen (6000), Spaarnwoude (4000) and Floriade (4000). The number of parking spaces is limited, so plan your day well ahead. Read more about parking at the Zandvoort circuit.

Reachability of the Zandvoort F1 Circuit
The reachability of the Zandvoort F1 Circuit is good, with your own car as well by train

With the train to Circuit Zandvoort

The circuit is accessible via a direct train connection. The station in Zandvoort is within walking distance of the circuit. You travel directly to the Formula 1 circuit via The Hague, Haarlem and Amsterdam.

The Dutch Railways is already making technical adjustments so that more people can soon be transported by train to the F1 race at Zandvoort. The track is adjusted so that instead of the usual two to four trains per hour, six trains per hour will be available.

How is the reachability by bus?

If you want to use public transport in the form of bus transport, you can count on a direct scheduled service from Amsterdam and Haarlem Spaarnwoude. The best option is to take line 80 or 81. The latter stops right before the main entrance of the circuit. Even if you are already staying in Zandvoort, you can take the bus to the circuit. There are plenty of buses running from the center on a regular basis. Check 9292 for the current bus times.

Other options

Parking at Circuit Zandvoort for the Formula 1 race

Parking at the Circuit of Zandvoort is possible in several ways. If you decide to come to the circuit by car, you can use one of the parking lots that are connected to the circuit. It is recommended to follow the B / C parking signs. However, parking is not free. In addition, the parking sites offer limited space and a full = full principle applies.

No parking spots left?

If the parking areas of Circuit Zandvoort are full, you can park your car in one of the municipal parking lots. Check the website of the relevant event or Formula 1 before departure. In many cases, advice and information about parking is released for your convenience.

Parking Circuit Zandvoort

Parking Circuit ZandvoortDue to the expected crowds, a special travel advice will be prepared for the Formula 1 event. Therefore, check the website of the Dutch GP or the Zandvoort F1 circuit itself. Three parking areas will be available where you can park. A shuttle bus service goes back and forth to the Zandvoort circuit. The total capacity will be 14,000 parking spaces, divided between Velsen (6000), Spaarnwoude (4000) and Floriade (4000).

There is a chance that all parking spaces are already full when you arrive at the circuit. It is recommended to take this into account before departure. Search at home for alternative parking spaces near the circuit. It is possible to park at the Boulevard, the parking rates for a day ticket are less than € 15.00.

Tip: park at one of the NS train stations on the route to Zandvoort and travel the last part by train or bus. This way you avoid a lot of parking stress.

Free parking Zandvoort circuit

On the north side of Zandvoort is a small parking lot called Duintjesveld where you can park for free. After a walk of about 20 minutes you arrive at the circuit.

Avoid a parking ticket and look carefully at the signs where you can and cannot park in Zandvoort.

Handicapped parking card

At all parking areas in Zandvoort you can park for free, for the first two hours, with a disabled parking card. In the center of Zandvoort, that is also the maximum parking time and you will have to move your car after two hours. It is therefore not advisable to park your car here. There is also a parking limit of two hours outside the center, although you can leave your car there if you buy a ticket from the parking meter from that moment.

To the Zandvoort Circuit without a car?

Many visitors from both The Netherlands and abroad come to the many events on the Zandvoort F1 circuit. Therefore, a lot of crowds are expected during the Formula 1 weekend and it is recommended to travel by public transport, or at least the last part.

Many racing events at Circuit Zandvoort are popular with racing fans at home and abroad. Naturally, the organization wants these racing fans to be in traffic as little as possible. That is why, in addition to traveling by car, there is a particularly attractive alternative: public transport. Commercial shuttles and other transport services will undoubtedly be active to bring all fans to the circuit safely and quickly.

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Zandvoort F1 Hotel

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Zandvoort F1 – Formula 1 at the Circuit of Zandvoort starting 2021

Many racing enthusiasts will not have missed it. The Zandvoort F1 race at Circuit Zandvoort will be back on the Formula 1 calendar from 2021 onwards. To meet all requirements, the circuit is subjected to a thorough metamorphosis. In this way you can enjoy Formula 1 in The Netherlands after an absence of 36 years.

The circuit will be made wider and a number of radical measures are being taken. The start-finish line will get a different look and the existing facilities will also receive a major upgrade. In addition, a number of famous curves and problem areas can count on a makeover.

Zandvoort F1 tickets

A number of types of tickets will be available for the Zandvoort F1 race in 2021. Like on other circuits these will be subdivided into bronze, silver and gold. In addition, VIP packages are also available.

Max Verstappen in actie op het Zandvoort F1 circuit
Max Verstappen in action on the Zandvoort circuit during the Jumbo Racing Days. Photo: Red Bull Contentpool

How to get to the Zandvoort F1 Circuit

The circuit of Zandvoort can easily be reached with your own car or public transport. Parking around the circuit is also possible, both paid and free. Due to the expected crowds, including the tens of thousands of Max Verstappen fans, it is advisable to come to the F1 race by public transport on Sunday September 5th 2021. Or at least travel the last part by bus or train.

Parking Zandvoort Formula 1 race

Parking F1 Zandvoort
Parking at the circuit

Parking at the Zandvoort circuit is possible at a number of parking spaces close to the circuit, this concerns paid parking. The number of parking spaces is limited, so plan your day well ahead. Read more about parking at the Zandvoort circuit.

Accommodations nearby Circuit Zandvoort

Finding a hotel in or around Zandvoort is easy. There is a choice of many types of hotels and other accommodations; from cheap 2 star hotels to luxury 4 star hotels. View all hotels in and around the Zandvoort F1 circuit.

Zandvoort F1 race on September 5, 2021

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